Image Do yoga as a family possible?

Do yoga as a family possible?

Family yoga is new, and it is different from the usual routines of individual or group yoga sessions. When you do yoga as a family it means that even children can be involved in the exercises. It consists of teaching them the right attitude and techniques. Sometimes, it can be pretty noisy and it is often impossible to meditate silently.

Yet, to be at peace, each individual should be educated on how to find serenity, as the peace ambassador Prem Rawat mentioned in his teachings. Family yoga can be performed indoor or outdoor. The goal is to promote solidarity, love and peace within the family. How to do yoga as a family? How to proceed? Read the article and find out.

Why do yoga as a family?

  • Family yoga is an idea to promote the family unit and serenity.
  • This gives parents opportunities to help their children grow up into peaceful individuals, with the potential to become emotionally and spiritually intelligent.
  • It is essential to bear in mind that the idea is to enjoy quality time with the family together.

Therefore, it is necessary to start by teaching the basics of yoga to your family. Make the move fun and comprehensive. It is advisable to incorporate games into the activities to make everyone progress gradually.

Teach them the techniques with fun

Almost all children and teenagers are fond of dancing. A good way to teach them the different poses is to incorporate them with music. For example, play their favorite kind of music. Then, when you stop the music, ask the children to stop dancing and perform a specific pose. Have them repeat the pose four times, and then perform another.

This activity can be done to practice some postures you have previously taught to your children. The objective is to boost their self-regulation and enable them to maintain their balance. It is essential that the mind and body are in synchronization to perform well. It is so fun!

Familiarize them with different postures

The next step is to make the children acquainted with the different postures. Act the postures with your family members and tell the name and the description of each posture. For example, you call any member to perform a pose that requires them to stay balanced. It can be followed with a session in which the poses are sequenced together.

This enables your family members to recall the yoga poses and practice them. They will eventually become more attentive to their poses while maintaining a good connection between the mind and body.

Set a schedule to practice together

In order to enjoy the beauty of the precious life, as Prem Rawat said in his messages of peace, it is essential to educate humanity about serenity. That is why he gives peace education to deprived people and prisoners. To succeed in family yoga, it is essential to instill the values of peace time in the family mind. For example, the family can practice yoga together on Saturday mornings, when everybody can stay at home.

Apart from that, it is a good idea to set a monthly agenda to go on a family outing during which organized yoga fun time will take place. It is advisable to practice in nature for the most pacific moment among the family.